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Making your love official. We’ll capture the drama, emotion and color of your day and give you memories you can hold onto forever.

Engagement Photoshoot PACKAGE


Highly Recommended as the best way photographer and couples to get to know and understand each other,best done at the wedding venue so a logistics walk through can happen at the same time.

Half Day Photos PACKAGE


Unlimited formal and candid photos for up to 4 hours, best for small parties and couples on a budget.

Full Day Photos PACKAGE


Unlimited formal and candid photos for up to 8 hours, from preparations to the reception. Don't miss a second of your day.

All packages will include 3 thumb drives of edited photos, and “Words from the Wedding” video. We will follow your wedding anywhere, but travel charges may apply.

"Words from the Wedding"

Sometimes words are necessary to tell the complete wedding story. I bring a separate video camera and have a chat with the bride and the groom individually about their first impressions of each other. The bridal party also gets a chance to talk. I get a little bit of the dancing, and the toasts, and include the video on the thumb drives you get with the still pictures.


Who are you, really?… Show the world your best face!

Studio or Location PACKAGE

$100per hour

Includes full resolution Posts to Google Drive *Travel charges may apply


We love the excitement of events.
Whether it’s sports, ceremonies, concerts, or parties, you’ll remember it better with quality photos.

Real Estate

Buildings, like people, have their own personalities. Capture the essence of your property with great photographs!


I keep my photo eye sharp by recording my travels. Select the images to view my Albums!


Namibia Bike Tour








Oman South

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"I love photography because my camera opens doors and gives me the opportunity to record what's happening behind them."

Cleo Fogal

Photographer/World Traveler

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Cleo Fogal

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